Friday, June 11, 2010

God Father : Preface

To all my sons & daughters.

People is living in a 4D world. We got space as well as time. There are more than 6 Billions people in the world. It is very very hard to have a line to insect with others (or very easy, it all depends on your perspective). Your parent, your living place, your school, your character, your friends, your.... all these factors affect the cause and consequence. Meeting someone and having deep relationship is very hard. However, I got so many of you. Is that all about luck? or just coincident?
You may not like the way I quoted, but this is the quote best describing the case. Don't get me wrong. I am not buying "Cycling", but I believe time and effort we spent. Yes, we spent very much as least 6 ~ 7 years together every Saturday. It will be more, if counting on the Camp you join, the meeting we have, the little group we share. There is tons of memory.

Honestly speaking, it is very very hard to me, if you know me well (who dare to say that? even I don't know myself). We shared very few thing in common. We shared different style of teenage. In the first years, I wanted to give up everyday. As you know, the work is not easy. We need to come up a plan to grow. The growth in terms of quantity and quality. Quantity is easy, but quality is hard. We built our own culture. We built the core team member. On the other side of the coin, I have my career (actually, I am not really building it at all), I have my love, my family, my issues..... When I look back, how could it be possible to make it! It's so heavy.

You might join in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, etc. Don't worry! I remember you. Not one, but everyone of you - Every single one of you!

Time gone without a sign. Memory flashing triggers by a word shouting from my heart - "God Father". It is still echoing. I can still remember the snapshot.

It is very much honor to be recognized as someone's God Father so publicly, with all the tears & joy. I can't recall whether I was crying or just laughing tear. Obviously, I was drinking too much wine. Red, white, etc.

I was stopping blogging for so long time. The resume is just for you. For you to know, something you know and something you don't know. Blog about everyone of you. Blog about every fun story we got. For sure, help me to finish the missing part if there any. If I got enough material, may be we can got this publish. If this is the case, someone need to do the translation and grammar checking. You know, I type ultrasonically.

End is just for the start. Wait and see the story......


ss_ter said...

Looking forward to your Chapter 1 after this touching preface.

fayeall said...

哇, 你真係當小說咁寫 @.@??!

Terence said...

You are right. I hope "Fat Lun" will use it to make a movie and win an Oscar "Basic Director"


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