Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tai Chung Night

Around 10pm, my TW colleague arrived from TaiPei. As we didn't eat anything good, we went out and eat. We found a pretty nice place to eat and chat. He tought me some Taiwan local slange.

你這個人好"麥當勞" = 你這個人沒有內容

There was more, but better don't show here....

Flying to Tai Chung

7:20pm: Flight to TaiChung

In the check in counter,
"Sir, going to Tai Chung, right?", asked by the airline

"Yes, Tai Chung, 7:20pm", I answered.
"Do you have the TW VISA?", the staff said.
"No, I can just apply for it in TaiChung immigration,
isn't", I asnwered confidently.

"Oh.., sorry, there is no office in TaiChung for VISA
application. You better go to apply for it in Zone K, else you will be kick
back.", the staff recommend,

"O.. shit, I better act quick, as there is no time", I said

Unfortunately, I was in Zone D. Then I rush to Zone K (the other end of the airport). But fortunately, I can apply it through the Internet (there is Pacific Coffee provided PC for net browsing).

Again, if you have experience about applying the TW VISA, you must understand the situation. The website is very slow, and will give you error something. As there was so rush, I filled in the form incorrectly. I made me to queue for the PC again and reapply it. At that moment, I still remember, the staff told me : You've to come back before 6:40pm. It was only 10min till 6:40pm. Also, there is only 2 flight to Tai Chung a day. If I could not catch it, I have to change to TaiPei or take the flight tomorrow morning. That's why I am so worry.

In the last minute, I got the VISA and the boarding pass. Ho.....

The unlucky issues is always comes in sequence....

The flight was full, and very small. I was packed with all the Taiwanese (I think I was the only HKee) Can you image? There was water drop inside the flight. Yes, water drop. As the flight is so small and old, it didn't have enough electricity support both pilot and air condition. So, when it was piloting, the air-conditioner basic was off. The water started to accumlate. I was reading newspaper. In 10 mins, my newspaper, clothes, head was being dropped a few times... In that moment, I missed "Cathy Pacific"...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Purposes of this Blog

The initiative of building up that are:
  1. Share information about my job (Telelogic), and personal
  2. Share some personal idea about the Technology
  3. Test and play around of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
For sure, more idea are welcome. Additionally, want to see how much $$ adsense can help me earn. So, friends, click on the left side "sponsor links", so that I can track the result.

Also, you can share your idea with more and ask me question. For sure, connect me through Skype from the left top corner is another alternative. When you do that, please let me know who are you.


Being frustrated by MSN Live blog for long time, I decided to move my blog from MSN to Blogger. This is not only because I don't like MSN blogger, but also, blogger provide more flexibility in blogging and earning extra $$.

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