Saturday, May 19, 2007

Book in Requirement Management.

by Dr Jeremy Dick, Prof Elizabeth Hull & Prof Ken Jackson

Requirements Engineering

I am going to buy it. If you are interest, please leave me message. Want more information, please check out here.

I need clear Requirement!

In these 6 months, I met with lots of different kind of cusotmer. E.g. Banking Finance, Automotive, Software Development, Logistic. Messages I got from customers is so clear:
"I need clear Requirement!",
"We need to manage the Requirement properly"
"I don't have complete set of documentation to describe my system"
All these message are pointing to a specific area - Requirement Management.

Customers visit in Airport area.

What's a conincident! Since I visited those customer, it was 4 years ago while I still in Telelogic's Competitor company. At the moment, the message that I got from the customer is:

"We are Blue shop. Hardware, we go for IBM Hardware. Software, we go for Rational"
Actually, it was really sad to me at that moment. But, after 4 years, message is changed a little bit.
"We are open to any software that can help us. For IBM Rational, we did not use much!"
I think IT organization is getting more and more complicated. Old vision or technology cannot hlep them any more. Shorter time, better quality. On the other hand, it was so great to hear the customer believe Telelogic product, solution and vision. Sometime, we just work so hard and believe what we are doing is good. However, the problem is: No validation.

Getting customer agreement in the first meeting is really great. We didn't show them the detail of the products, or even powerpoint. Just in a an single hour, the CIO, head of IT immediate address the value of the Telelogic Vision. It is really wonderful. No wonder, they are the CIO, or Head of IT, not me!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


在上一個月 (4/26), 第一次在台灣講Seminar. 題目是"永續企業的成長與管理". 真的很感謝當日來參加的朋友, 因為我的國語實在太有限了. 但出席的人卻不少, 超過100人呀!

以下URL, 有一些當日的簡介和照片,

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

歡迎光臨! 您好!

在台灣, 進餐館的時候, 總會聽見 "歡迎光臨!", 坐"小黃" (的士) 的時候, 也總有一句: "您好!". 這些都是我在台灣的聽見的說話. 話實的, 我一直以為, 一句 "歡迎光臨! ", 或"您好!"算不得甚麼, 但當我在台灣一個星期後, 回到香港, 竟有點大太習慣.....

"可以給我餐牌嗎?", 飢餓的我問
"在這裏, 你自己看吧!", 說罷, waitress就走了..

那時我在想, 究竟我是誰呀? 我不就是那個進來, 想吃一個午餐的客人, 嘩!好厲害的服務態度, 她的面無笑容, 跟你多說一句話也要考究ROI (Return On Investment)的服務態度. 令我深深應受到, 香港作為國際金融中心的影響力. 難怪近年常聽人說"香港的服務態度, 已達國內的水平", 正當國內常說要跟國際接軌的時候, 已跟國際接軌的香港卻來一個與"國內的水平"看齊, 好有"反高朝". 看來回歸十年是成功的!

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