Saturday, May 19, 2007

Customers visit in Airport area.

What's a conincident! Since I visited those customer, it was 4 years ago while I still in Telelogic's Competitor company. At the moment, the message that I got from the customer is:

"We are Blue shop. Hardware, we go for IBM Hardware. Software, we go for Rational"
Actually, it was really sad to me at that moment. But, after 4 years, message is changed a little bit.
"We are open to any software that can help us. For IBM Rational, we did not use much!"
I think IT organization is getting more and more complicated. Old vision or technology cannot hlep them any more. Shorter time, better quality. On the other hand, it was so great to hear the customer believe Telelogic product, solution and vision. Sometime, we just work so hard and believe what we are doing is good. However, the problem is: No validation.

Getting customer agreement in the first meeting is really great. We didn't show them the detail of the products, or even powerpoint. Just in a an single hour, the CIO, head of IT immediate address the value of the Telelogic Vision. It is really wonderful. No wonder, they are the CIO, or Head of IT, not me!

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